Growing Baby #3
Hey everyone! Today I just wanted to share some exciting news. My husband and I are expecting our third baby! Our newest little sprout is due August first.

We are absolutely thrilled and absolutely terrified. Is it less thrilling and less terrifying the third time around? No way.

I mean, we are freaking pros. I have mastered breastfeeding. Hell, I have mastered tandem breastfeeding. We have mastered the bedtime routine. Diaper changes.


We will be outnumbered
Will we go crazy?
We need a new car
3 car seats!!!
What if it’s a boy? A BOY!

…and all of those wonderful thoughts.

I remember when I called my mom, after finding out I was pregnant with my first. “What am I going to do?!” I was sobbing. She basically said “Jesus, pull it together! You’re married. Think of all the people you know, that have had children. If THEY can do it, YOU can do it.” And she was right. We did it. TWICE. And it was awesome.

New baby smell
wrinkly hands and feet
a sleeping newborn on my chest
watching my husband become a father, again
giving my girls the gift of a sibling

…and all of those wonderful thoughts.


She says “The baby is in a rocket ship…in space!”

  • Markisha Velazquez

    Congrats to your family!