Reasons You (Unjustly) Hate Tofu
It’s not the tofu. It’s you!


You aren’t buying the right kind.

Why in holy hell are you buying medium tofu? Put it down and grab some extra firm (unless you are turning it into a dip or pudding, in which case you would need silken). Why they even make soft or medium is beyond me.

You aren’t pressing.

It’s usually packed in liquid, and you sort of have to get it out of the tofu before it can absorb any awesome flavours. You can get yourself a fancy shmancy tofu press, or you can roll like me: wrap it in paper towels and use your body weight to get most of the liquid out.

You aren’t marinating.

If you skip this step, you’re pretty much doomed. You have to marinate, especially if you’re like me, and don’t like the taste of tofu. The flavour possibilities are endless and ultimately depend on what kind of vibe you’re going for. If you’re unsure what you’re having for dinner but KNOW you will be using tofu, you can always marinate in salted water with some versatile seasonings like onion and garlic powder.

You aren’t crusting or browning.

Texture is EVERYTHING. Whether you’re frying with a batter, breading, browning in a pan or in the oven, it’s so important that your tofu isn’t floppy. Ain’t nobody got time for floppy tofu! A crunchy, well seasoned outside and a soft inside is where it’s at.

You haven’t had tofu scramble, salt and pepper tofu, or tofu bacon.

Ya. Get on that.