Things My Mother Taught Me
Once a year, we are reminded by the greeting card companies that it is Mother’s Day. They say, Moms want sappy cards. They want jewelry. They want toast (only buttered in the center) and lukewarm coffee (with way too much, or not enough cream) in bed. I suppose the “breakfast” in bed is a nice gesture. But really, Moms only want three things. They want their children to be healthy. They want their children to be happy. They want their children to remember (and apply) the wisdom and bits of knowledge that they had to learn through trial and error.

This year, Beth and I wanted to share some things our amazing mothers have taught us. We are so appreciative of these bits of knowledge. They have made our lives easier, they have made us who we are, and best of all, they have made us better mothers to our own children.


My mom taught me…

-It’s ok to cry.
-To cook food for someone is to love them.
-Always make too much food.
-When you love a song, sing it LOUDLY!
-Marry your best friend.
-Make lists. You’re not going to remember all that stuff if you don’t.
-Always carry snacks with you.
-Take mental health days sometimes. The world won’t come to an end because you needed a break.
-You don’t have to understand your sister to love her.
-Playing with children is a guaranteed way to experience pure joy.
-A good bra is worth the money. Same with shoes.
-There is always someone who has more than you, and always someone who has less.
-Travel. Experiences are better than having lots of things.
-Love yourself. You’re not perfect. That’s ok. The world needs you to be you.

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My mom taught me…

You don’t have to do things because everyone else is doing them. This applies to mostly everything. Parenting style, celebrating holidays, buying the latest and greatest.

Use corn starch on baby’s bum. Breast is best. Learning and accepting that kids are pretty much always inconvenient will save you a lot of grief.

It’s OK to be different. And in most instances, it’s better.

How to cut a bell pepper properly. To start all meals with good olive oil, garlic, and onions. Always salt your pasta water.

That having a good looking line of clothes is just as important as the actual drying of your clothes. And line dried sheets are heaven on earth.

To not hang artwork too high. And that kitchen cabinets should be to ceiling. And that wood is better than vinyl. Wood is better, always.

To do what is right, even if no one else is doing it. Say what you believe, even if it is scary.

Never ever ever walk by garbage/litter without picking it up.

Don’t be a half-ass.

Organize YOUR LIFE! Still working on that one, Mom. 

And that a swear word (or three or four in the same sentence) never hurt anyone.