The 10 Best Things About Being Vegan
Four years ago, I cut animal products out of my life. I did it to help end animal exploitation, save lives, help the environment, and improve my own health. You know, the usual reasons people go vegan. But there are actually a lot more reasons to go vegan! Here are ten of my favorite other reasons to give the veg life a try:

1. Nutritional yeast. Oh yeah. So tasty. So full of B12. Put it on all the things!

2. It’s really easy to get your daily 5-7 servings of fruits and veggies!

3. You don’t have to eat Aunt Mabel’s gross tuna noodle casserole at the family potluck.

4. Vegan cheese is actually good now. Seriously guys. Years ago, vegan cheese used to taste like plastic, but now you can get brands like Field Roast Chao, Kite Hill, or even make your own cashew cheese! Vegan ice cream is pretty darn tasty, too.

5. You don’t have to worry about getting weird parasites from your sushi. Or salmonelloa from a bad egg. Speaking of which…

6. You can eat the cookie dough!!

7. Vegan dishes are a lot easier to clean. No gross, stuck-on meat. No burnt, greasy cheese. It takes me way less time to wash dishes now that we don’t eat animal products.

8. Your grocery bill will suddenly become a lot cheaper. Leaving you room in your budget to buy fancy vegan cheese, or save up for a trip to Pig Beach!

9. You can eat a big meal without feeling horribly sick afterwards.

10. Other vegans! Some of my best friends have been made through veganism. Sure, there are pretentious stuck up vegans, but that’s just 1%. The other 99% are really awesome people who will gladly share their chickpea salad sandwich with you and help you make signs for that protest.