How To Deal With Haters
We absolutely love when our readers write to us! Last week, we had a lovely reader write to us, asking for some advice. She and her husband are thinking about staring a family. And she wrote,


“How do you deal with people who give you a hard time for feeding your kids a cruelty free diet? I know we have a few specific family members who will be particularly difficult about it and will say I’m starving my child, and I wonder how you navigate around this?”


My response?



One thing I’ve discovered since getting pregnant and having a baby, is that no matter how you choose to raise your child SOMEONE will have an opinion about it. Being vegan is no different! There will certainly be people who question it.


When people question the whole vegan pregnancy/child thing, I just give them a big smile and say “Thanks for your concern. We’ve done lots of research, everybody’s doing great, and our doctor supports it!” People tend not to argue with the whole doctor thing. And the truth is, most doctors are totally fine with a vegan diet for pregnancy/children as long as you’re getting your B12/DHA/fat/protein.


I know it seems stressful to think about now, but as parents we are constantly being judged by others, so just think of the vegan thing as one more issue you’re going to have to just smile and nod your way through as your crazy cousin tells you that when your kid is 12 they’re gonna want a cheeseburger, or your aunt asks why the heck you’re still breastfeeding your two year old. Just like every other parenting choice, it’s really none of their business, and they can kindly shut the…front door.


Thanks, anonymous reader, for such a great question! If you have a question for us, get in touch with us through our contact page!


Clearly, this vegan baby is just miserable!