7 Reasons to Wear Your Baby
As I approach my due date and begin to dig out the unisex baby clothes, the bassinet, and the baby tub, I am especially excited to open the box that stores my Ergo carrier and Boba wrap. As if I wasn’t excited enough, now I’m reminiscing over some of the best moments within the best moments; wearing my babies.

While pregnant with my first, I pictured wheeling my kid around in a stroller, or lugging them to doctors appointments in a car seat. It wasn’t until I saw a friend wearing her little one, that I considered the convenience of baby wearing. And it wasn’t until I had actually done it, that I knew of the closeness I would feel, the bonding that would take place, all while getting the laundry done, or shopping for groceries.

Today I’m sharing some of the many, many reasons my husband and I wear our babies.

1. Because car seats are heavy! 

Have you ever lugged one of those bitches through a hospital? Up a couple flights of stairs to your Doctor’s office? It became clear to me, after like day one, that there was just no way. Sticking your kid in a wrap or sling makes for an easy breezy hands-free walk from car to destination.

2. Because strollers are expensive. 

A few hundred bucks for a stroller is pretty substantial compared to just fifty for a wrap or sling. AND you can save a ton by making your own. There are all sorts of tutorials on Pinterest. All you need is some fabric!

3. So I can kiss my baby’s head! 

Sniffffffffffffffff! Can you smell that intoxicating baby head smell? It’s freakin’ glorious! And an awesome thing about a wrap is you can position your little smooch up near your chest, so you can kiss their head a thousand and one times all while cooking dinner.

4. Because they never cry. 

They are content all snuggled up against their Mama, swaying about with my movements, just as if they were still in the womb. They sleep, and snuggle, and never cry.

5.  So I can get stuff done.

My babies always napped longer while being worn. And they were always content, even while awake. It’s a lot easier to get the chores done without a screaming kid, ammmm I rightttt?

6. Hands-free breastfeeding! 

That’s right! I breastfed my kids while making supper, eating supper, changing my other kid’s diaper, folding laundry, or even out and about, running errands. Many carriers, especially slings, allow for your baby to be adjusted into perfect nursin’ position!

7. Eye candy! 

A man wearing a baby. Need I say more?